The Demographic Breakdown Of YouTube Users

If you’re on YouTube, you may have noticed that the platform has a very diverse audience. You’ll find everything from cooking tutorials to gaming videos and music videos. In this article, you will learn some of the different demographics on YouTube based on age groups so you can understand what types of viewers tend to gravitate towards certain types of content on the site.

Young People

YouTube is the most popular social media site for young people. 96% of 18- to 24-year-old people use it, compared to just 9% who use other sites. And while older users may be more likely to watch YouTube videos in general (76%), those under 35 are much more likely than older generations to view gaming or entertainment content on the platform (91%).

Teens and Millennials

Teens are the generation that tends to use YouTube for entertainment purposes, followed by music, gaming, and education. This makes sense because as a teen you’re probably not as interested in learning about new ways to grow your business or improve your job performance as you are in watching funny videos of cats falling off chairs.

Tweens And Young Kids

Kids in the age range called “tweens” are always watching fun YouTube videos. Tween is derived from “between” and has become a synonym for preteen or adolescent.

It’s common for people in their 20s or 30s to say things like “That YouTube show was made for tweens” or “I’m trying not to be too much of a mommy blogger anymore – I want my blog posts about YouTube fashion trends and makeup tips aimed at teenage girls who are just starting high school,” clearly reflecting their YouTube preference.


Adults are the largest group of YouTube users, representing about two-thirds of all active users. They’re also the most likely group to use YouTube for entertainment and education purposes, but they’re not as likely as younger demographics to use it for news.

While adults watch more videos on their smartphones than other age groups, they tend to do so less frequently than teens and young adults.

The Elderly

Elderly people are more likely to use YouTube than any other age group. The elderly tend to use the platform for entertainment and companionship, but they also make up a significant portion of YouTube users who use it for educational purposes.

It’s no surprise that older people are drawn to YouTube since they often feel isolated and alone, so they turn to social media as an outlet. This makes sense considering how much time older people spend watching TV and movies in their free time.

And since most movies shown today come from Hollywood studios, it’s easy for elderly viewers to find new content on the popular video-sharing platform through their favorite channels like today’s most popular late-night shows!